Pre-fabrication – Ecological “green” construction

Precast concrete combines the inherent characteristics of concrete that have brought out as top building material with the accuracy, speed and quality of industrial production.

Vasartis Precast solutions (VPS – System)

“Vasartis Precast Solutions” (VPS – System) system is an innovation of VASARTIS and it is the ideal solution of prefabrication for areas that are difficult to access or are distant (islands, mountainous areas etc).


Vasartis Precast Solutions Presentation

Metal & Composite Buildings

  • Antiseismic construction of high resistance and aesthetics
  • Low cost and impressive construction speed
  • Full range of architectural choices
  • Possibility of combination with conventional materials (concrete – bricks) for buildings with special architectural style
  • Energy independence

Prefabrication in practice!

See some of our projects that have been constructed with the use of the prefabrication method.

Prefabricated buildings of new generation:

  • Have no commitments of design and of the use of the space.
  • Guarantee equal or even higher resistance with the conventional constructions
  • Are equipped with efficient heat insulation, photovoltaic panels for energy saving and energy independence, as well as with systems of collection of rain-water for recycling
  • By definition due to the industrial controlled production of its parts, the construction of the prefabricated building causes less environmental burden than the respective conventional construction (controlled materials and waste management and energy consumption)
  • Impressive construction speed
  • Reduced pre-fixed construction cost, especially for complex of houses and hotels (economies of scale)
  • Reduced social contributions due to industrial production

Everything about prefabrication

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