New generation of precast concrete

Fast, economical, flexible, green, resistant & safe

Vasartis Precast Solutions (VPS – system)

The production of prefabricated parts is made at the area of the project in movable, mounted matrixes and equipment.

Compact walls and self-supporting ribbed slabs are produced and then mounted with a crane for the construction of the final building.

ΤPrefabricated building with VPS system guarantees:

The production of prefabricated parts is made under fully controlled conditions, thus making the control of the final product easier and more accurate.
The use of shuttering units is reduced by 80%, the construction timbers by 70% and the castings on site by 60%. The required personnel for the construction are much less.
The production of prefabricated parts begins when earthworks and other preliminary works take place at the project, while the placement of prefabricated parts is very quick. Moreover, the construction is almost not at all affected by bad weather.
Think where you would like to be in case of a natural disaster or a malicious human act. Buildings made of concrete are fire resistant, while its mechanical strength is by far the highest than for any other construction material.
Concrete is the only material, the resistance of which increases in the course of time. The need of maintenance of a concrete building rarely occurs, while the works cost very little in comparison to other construction materials.
Concrete consists of materials deriving from natural of recyclable resources, thus rendering it ideal for green buildings according to the certification processes LEED and BREEAM. Meanwhile, thanks to prefabrication, the wastage of materials and the waste are significantly reduced. The exterior heat insulation is made with EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System), safeguarding the best heat insulation of the building, which, along with the possibility of installation of photovoltaic panels and energy saving systems provide the infrastructure for a construction with excellent degree of sustainability.

Reasons why choosing prefabrication with VPS system

With VPS concrete prefabrication system there are created industrial production conditions at the area of the construction site. We exploit the advantages of the industrial prefabrication, such as speed, accuracy of dimensions, permanent high quality and economy in materials and thus in cost, without the drawbacks such as additional charge for transports, geometrical restrictions to the dimensions of the parts and wear due to loadings.

It may be transferred and installed at distant and/or difficultly accessible areas without extra charge and without any consequence in quality and speed of the construction.

The ideal choice for investors since:

  • Due to the speed of construction, it also shortens the beginning of the invested capital amortisation.
  • It is easy to be sold, leased or rented thanks to its strength, longevity and minimum need for maintenance that is required.
  • It has lower insurance cost
  • It is easy and quick to be extended.

Presentation Vasartis Precast Solutions

The best solution for constructions bigger than 1500 m2

If you consider constructing a building or a group of buildings with total surface bigger than 1,500 m2 anywhere, contact us because there is a big chances that we can provide you a truly and impressively advantageous solution.

All you need to know about VPS

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