Vasartis Construction Company was established in 2008 by the civil engineers Artemis Skaropoulou and Georgios Varsos

Their long and pluralistic activity and experience of the founder members of the company in the field of study, execution, management and administration of significant building and various other technical projects was achieved and acquired within the framework of their collaboration with big construction companies, as well as through the activities of Vasartis during the last five years and is related to:

  • Industrial buildings and offices

  • Hotels

  • Schoolhouses

  • Houses and Complex of houses

  • Renovations – Interior decorations

  • Repairs – Supports – Reconstructions

  • Infrastructure works

  • Public and private sector

  • Conventional concrete

  • Precast reinforced concrete

  • Steel frameworks

  • Throughout GREECE and CYPRUS

  • Maintenance and expansion of market share already held in Greece and Cyprus through continuous improvement and evolution of the provided services, the construction of technical – financial and green buildings.
  • Immediate expansion of our extrovert activity, mainly in household projects through the prefabrication systems PC solutions.
  • Investment in bioclimatic and ecological construction and in energy independence of the constructions
  • The construction of integral technical and economical projects on the basis of the most advanced technological, energy and aesthetics knowledge, a fact that is safeguarded by the experience and the values of VASARTIS’ members and the personal supervision of the projects
  • Customers are relieved by the stress of the constructions, since we undertake the whole process of execution of the project (“turn-key” and with pre-fixed cost and within time).
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Professionalism/li>
  • Quality assurance
  • Consistency
  • Innovation
  • Technical- financial solutions
  • Up to date and experienced group of colleagues
  • Team work philosophy
  • Permanent and reliable collaborators’ network
  • Continuous development – update – lifelong learning
  • Extroversion
  • Social and environmental ethics


]The requirements of each Project and Employer determine the way of collaboration with VASARTIS that may be:

  • CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT (Construction Management)

VASARTIS In Practice


Degrees & Certified Experience

VASARTIS is registered in the Register of Public Works’ Contractors, holding a Second Class degree. Its classification is equivalent in the respective register (for public and private works) of Cyprus. The company may also provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for buildings.

VASARTIS has been certified and implements the following systems:

  • VASARTIS implements an Environmental Management System certified to ISO14001:2004/ Cor1:2009 that include recycling and energy planning programs, supply of environmental friendly materials, awareness and training of the personnel.
  • VASARTIS respects its personnel and it implements Management System of Occupational Health and Safety certified by ELOT 1801:2008 / OHSAS 18001:2007, including the provision of necessary equipment, awareness and training of the personnel.
  • VASARTIS continuously improving the services provided to its customers implements Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 including all required procedures for the provision of the best result (product- service) following respective training of its personnel.