Tasos Siourdas
Tasos SiourdasCivil Engineer


  • Member of the TCG since 2003.
  • Permanent Energy Inspector since 2013


  • Graduate Civil Engineer, University of Thessaly
  • Transports Field, Degree Mark 7.45/10.0 Thesis: Black spots’ analysis of the N.R. of the Network of Prefecture of Magnisia. Driving Behaviour Investigation
  • Attendance of Seminar organised by IETM TCG entitled “Energy Efficiency and Certification of Buildings”/li>


Professional Experience 

October 2013 – February 2014 Employment by the office of Transport studies “Diavasi” & “AVARIS” for the preparation of studies: “New Traffic & Parking Study, Municipality of Veroia”.  

“Study of Service Road Marking on Highway E-75 from Interchange of Varympompi until Interchange of Schimatari”.

October 2012 – October 2013 Freelancer: Project Engineer (Supervision –Measurements – Certifications – Accounts – Project Management) for the project “Renovation of accommodation space of “To ergastiri schediou” [The design laboratory]. Renovation of the offices and change to classrooms of specific requirements. 

Certificates of legitimacy, Legalisations, Changes in use, Energy Performance Certificate for private individuals

May 2011 – September 2012: Employment by Global Energy Services SIEMSA S.A.: Project Engineer (Supervision – Project Management) during the construction of Wind Farms: “Wind Farm at Xirovouni, Aitoloakarnania”. Supply and construction of wind-power generators’ substations”. Budget: 720,000 €  

Wind Farm Asiderota, Rethymno”. Construction of medium-voltage power grid and optical fibre at the wind farm. Budget: 3,000,000 €


«“Wind Farms of Panagia Soumela – Zoodohos Pigi”. Construction of civil engineering (roadways, internal road network at the wind farm, foundation of wind-power generators and recovery of landscape). Budget: 5,000,000 €

September 2010 – May 2011 Freelancer: Project Engineer (Supervision – Measurements – Certifications – Accounts – Project Management) for the projects: “Completion of construction of luxurious residence at Ippokrateios Politia of Attica”. Luxurious villa and its surroundings. Budget: 160,000 €  

“Conversion of a Neoclassical building in office building on 4, Voulgari Street, Athens, owned by ZEUS S.A.”. Construction of the 3rd stage of offices. Budget: 65000 €

May 2008 – September 2010: Employment by ARRIKTON DEVELOPMENT S.A.: Project Engineer (Supervision – Measurements – Certifications – Accounts – Project management) for the projects: “Construction of holiday residence at the area Houlakia of Myconos”. Luxurious Villa and its surroundings. Budget: 2.300.000 €  

«“Construction of Complex of House with underground Parking space and swimming-pools on the ground floor and the flat roof on 7, Kokota Street at Kifisia, owned by ILTA S.A.”. 5 luxurious maisonettes and their surroundings. Budget: 2,900,000 €


“Construction of Office Building on Heimarras & Gravias Street, Marousi, Attica”. Construction of office building of total surface 29,000 m2 within very strict timetable of 7 months. Budget: 11,800,000 €

November 2005 – May 2008 Employment by ΒΕΤΑΝΕΤ S.A.: Project Engineer (Supervision – Measurements – Certifications – Accounts – Project management) for the projects: “Construction of Tourist Village at Mylouthkia, Paphos, Cyprus”. Hotel consisting of 18 buildings, swimming-pools etc. Construction of the concrete framework and the outer bark of the building with prefabrication systems. Budget: 2,700,000 €  

Expansion of the food factory “Palirria” at Politika Evias”. Industrial building for food – construction of the supporting structure, the floors and the roof with prefabrication systems. Budget: 900,000 €


«Construction of Complex “V. KARGAKOS SCHOOLS”. Complex of schoolhouses, management offices and the schoolyard with basketball courts 5X5 etc. Budget: 5,200,000 €

“Construction of the Shopping Centre Supporting Structure at the Area Asgouros on Rhodos Island”. Construction of the framework of the shopping centre consisting of 6 buildings of total surface 4,750 m2. Budget: 1,861,907 €


 “Construction of Sausages Factory Grigoriou, Limassol, Cyprus”. Construction of food industrial building – supporting structure, floors and roof with prefabrication systems. Budget: 2,456,885 €

August 2004 – October 2005: Employment by KLEMAT S.A.: Project Engineer (Supervision – Measurements – Certifications – Accounts) for the projects: “Completion of the Diachronic Museum of Larisa” of Ministry of Culture. The project required the implementation of various special technical details in especially strict timetable. Budget: 8,362,660 €  

“Waste Transfer Stations, Prefecture of Larisa” of the Technical Services Directorate, Prefecture of Larisa. Infrastructure project with budget: 1,360,000 €

May 2003 – September 2003: Supervision and measurements for the project “Reconstruction of the Military Camp for relocation of the 2nd Division” at Ag. Varvara, Veroia. The project concerned infrastructure projects and reconstruction of 5 buildings. Study: “Reconstruction of Naousa Officers Club”. Detailed description of works, technical designs, bill of quantities – pre-costing, roof study. 

Two-month traineeship at the consulting company “VASIS SYSM S.A.” for the design of the beltway of Drama and Interchanges of Thessaloniki Beltway.

Two-month traineeship at “ERGODOMI S.A.” for the construction of Fruit Processing Factory at Naousa with issues of metal constructions, wall covering and laying of industrial flooring.